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About Us

Who We Are


House Made Pretty is a full-service home organization company, led by owner Rachel O'Connor, committed to providing clients with beautiful, perfectly organized spaces. Our attention to detail, thoughtful space planning and Pinterest-worthy aesthetic results in gorgeous, yet sustainable, solutions.

Who We Work With


We work with Dallas' most discerning clientele: from the high-profile business elite and professional athletes, to stay-at-home moms. We serve those who want their home to be clutter-free, refined, and impeccably styled. Our experience, extensive list of references and track record of trust means that you can rest-easy knowing your belongings are in great hands.

Our Process


Each home we visit is different but typically we follow these steps to get you to a perfectly space:  

- In-Home Consultation

- Sort, Organize + Categorize

- Style + Space Plan

- Implement


Home Organization Areas








Entertaining Areas

Seasonal Storage

We can help with every single 

inch of your home!

Moves + Staging

Whether you need help getting your home ready to sell or you’ve found your dream home and you want to be sure it is perfectly organized from the start, we are here for you! 


House Made Pretty is known for our ability to turn a closet into a high-end boutique and a basic pantry into a Pinterest-worthy enviable area. We use custom labels and tactics to create a visual masterpiece for each client. This isn’t your mama’s organizing service. Well, unless you have a super cool mom. 




 “Rachel has a unique knack for making the process of organization, organized. Our home, housing two adults and four children, was in need of organizing. Overflowing closets, a dysfunctional kitchen and toys galore, made this “pre-Rachel” project daunting. Alas, my domestic fairy godmother stepped in and sprinkled her fairy dust of bamboo bins, streamlined containers, and labels over every inch of our home. Her efficient, effective methods to help us weed through our belongings was so streamlined that it made the entire process a dream. I can now rest easily, knowing there is a true - pretty- method to my madness.”  



 “Simplified, beautifully organized and most importantly, extremely functional. Rachel has changed the way I think about organization and the way we operate day to day in our home. She is a hard worker, efficient and effective. She made our move and unpacking FUN. I cannot recommend her enough. She is a joy to work with!”  

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